What is Health Insurance?

Today we will know what is health insurance. (Health insurance) or What is the meaning of health insurance (Health insurance) I will try to answer all the questions related to health insurance that you have in mind.

Heath Insurance?

Simply put, health insurance means that you will not have to pay any cost for the treatment of any kind of medical condition i.e. any kind of problem-related to your health, any disease or any emergency situation like any accident. Rather, the company whose health insurance you have taken will spend the entire cost of it. That is, health insurance insures that your health is fine.

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How to Avail of Health Insurance?

To take advantage of health insurance, you first have to buy insurance from a company that provides health insurance. Companies offer different types of insurance in which you have to pay different amounts and which type of health insurance you have opted for.

Accordingly, it is determined how much the company will pay you for your treatment. While taking health insurance, you can choose the right insurance for yourself according to your needs, in which you are told that at how much time you will have to pay a fixed amount and how much the company will spend at the time of treatment.

Health related problems can happen to anyone at any time and in today’s time, good treatment in good hospitals costs a lot, which is suddenly not possible for everyone to pay.

In such a situation, health insurance comes in handy, if that person has taken health insurance, then he does not need to spend money from his pocket for the treatment, the insurance company pays the entire cost.

Health insurance covers your medical and surgical expenses etc. i.e. the expenses incurred in these are covered in health insurance itself. If you suffer from any disease or unfortunately some kind of accident happens to you then after getting admitted in the hospital all the expenses like doctor’s fees, medical bills, operation charges, nursing charges, surgery charges etc. will be your health insurance company hospital. Pays through cashless mode

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Type Of Health Insurance

If we talk about how many types of health insurance are there, then it can be seen mainly by dividing it into 3 parts-

  • Individual health insurance
  • Family flotar
  • Senior citizen health insurance

The first is individual health insurance, which means that it is for individual i.e. only one person, if you want to take health insurance only for yourself, then you take individual health insurance in which the insurance company only your health and only you. Pays for the cost of treatment.

In this, it will not cover the cost of medical treatment of any other member of your family other than you.

The second is family floater i.e. you take this health insurance for your entire family, in this, if any member of your family has a medical condition, the insurance company bears the expenses incurred in its treatment.

Family here means you, your wife and maximum 3 children i.e. in total, it covers the health insurance of five members. On buying family floatar insurance, you have to pay the amount accordingly and in case of hospitalization of any member of your family, his expenses are covered in the insurance.

After this comes senior citizen health insurance, in which senior citizens i.e. those who have become more than 60 years of age have health insurance. That is, your parents are involved in this.

Also, you can choose this insurance for any other senior citizen of the house, for this also you have to pay the prescribed premium and according to different insurance, different types of facilities are provided to the beneficiaries. Is performed.

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Have to Pay Annual Premium?

According to your need and according to your convenience, you are given complete information about the health insurance that you have chosen, such as how much cover will be given to you and for this you will have to pay the amount to the company.

After buying health insurance, you usually have to pay its premium annually, which means that you have to pay a fixed amount annually (depending on which health insurance you have chosen).

It also depends on your age and also on the number of members in your family.

Obviously why any company will give you the cost of treatment for free, you pay a fixed amount annually, from time to time, as premium payment to the insurance company, from which that company insures that you are on health at the time of need. That company will bear the expenses.

How can I take Health Insurance?

Hey, if we talk about taking health insurance, then you can take it offline or online in any way-

To take offline health insurance, you can consult a health insurance advisor, who gives you information about the different types of health insurance available and gives you information about all kinds of things related to them.

It gives advice on all these things which health insurance would be best for you or your family. For this, you need some documents and fill the related form etc.

In today’s time, many people have started using the Internet, so that at present you can also take health insurance online, for which you want to take health insurance from any company.

By visiting the website of that company, you can see the complete information of all the health insurance available and after that you can choose from it according to your need and convenience.

All types of information are provided to you on that company’s website. You can also pay for this through online mode.

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Health Insurance Companies

At present, many companies provide health insurance. Star health insurance company is currently a very popular company that provides health insurance.

Apart from this, HDFC ERGO is also a good and well-known health insurance company. There are also companies like CIGNA, ICICI LOMBARD etc. which provide good health insurance plans.

When you take health insurance from all these different companies, you are given some different facilities, and whichever of these health insurance you think is right, according to the company you trust, you can take health insurance for yourself or your family. can.

Cashless Benifit

When you take health insurance, you get the facility of cashless benefit in it. This means that when you buy a health insurance, you are given a list of network hospitals with it.

This means that the company from which you bought health insurance, that company has kept in touch with the hospitals given in that list and in case of any health related medical condition, if you were admitted in any of the hospitals given in that list. If so, the amount that is incurred during your treatment is given by your insurance company to that hospital in a cashless manner.

Reimbursement Benifit

This means that if you are admitted to a hospital that is not in the network list of the company from which you have taken health insurance, then you will have to pay for the expenses incurred during your treatment in that hospital on your own. There your health insurance company will not pay for that hospital directly.

After being discharged from that hospital, you have to submit the bill of expenses incurred during your treatment i.e. hospital bill, medicine bill, test bill etc. along with your personal check of your bank etc. to the company and after that within 30 days. After the claim is made, that amount is paid by the company in your account.

That is, in this, you have to pay the expenses incurred during the treatment with your own money, which is later given to you by the company.

What is The Age Limit to Get Health Insurance?

If you are buying a health insurance then your minimum age should be 18 years and maximum age can be 65 years. And if you take family floater insurance, then you can cover maximum 3 children in it.

What is Covered in Health Insurance?

What kind of facility you will get from your health insurance depends on your sum insured. That is, how much health insurance you have taken in total like two lakh, three lakh, five lakh, etc.

Room rent means the rent of the room you have taken in the hospital. It depends on how much your total sum insured is.

Other types of expenses such as doctor’s fee, surgeon’s fee, medical charge, nursing charge, medicine charge, operation fee, oxygen charge, etc. are covered by your health insurance.

Ambulance charge i.e. the cost of calling an ambulance in case of any kind of emergency is also payable by the company.

Pre Hospitalization Expenses

In this, all the expenses that are incurred before your hospitalization, such as consultation with the doctor, all the expenses like various types of tests, etc., also your health insurance gives.

Post Hospitalization Expenses

That is, after being discharged from the hospital, all the expenses, such as the doctor who prescribes the medicine and any other examination etc., is also covered by your health insurance.

Health Checkup

The company whose health insurance you are buying also provides you with an annual health check-up based on your sum insured in which you can get your health tested and your insurance company also bears the expenses incurred in it.

No Claim Bonus

If you are not admitted for a year after making the payment, then on the basis of your total sum insured, you get a bonus which varies from plan to plan.

Income Tax Benefit

By paying health insurance, you also get benefit in income tax i.e. you get income tax exemption according to the premium you pay annually. There is a provision for this under section 80D.

Terms and Conditions/Waiting Period

Initially, the waiting period is 30 days i.e. after 30 days your insurance policy starts, then you can take advantage of it.

You can take the benefit of any type of surgery from your health insurance only after 24 months i.e. 24 months i.e. 2 years after taking your health insurance, the insurance company pays for any type of operation or surgery. You can take benefits only after 24 months for the operation of diseases like piles, hernia, elephant.

The insurance company pays the hospital bill only when you are admitted to the hospital for at least 24 hours. That is, if you suffer a minor injury or a less serious injury and are now admitted in the hospital for less than 24 hours, then your health insurance will not pay the cost.

If you already have a disease like diabetes etc., then the waiting period can be up to 48 months to get benefits for its treatment.

It also depends on the different company and also on how much plan you have taken. Many companies also keep a waiting period of 36 months for this.

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