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hdfc ergo health insurance

Taking health insurance becomes a critical decision in today’s time, because nowadays many new diseases have taken birth, due to which it has become very difficult for us to keep our body healthy, so in this article, you will know HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Regarding in which you can get your health insurance, it is essential that any health insurance you choose should cover your planned or unplanned expenses, so to make your decision easy, we will cover HDFC ERGO’s MY HEALTH SURAKSHA PLAN will know in detail all its features.

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HDFC ERGO Infomation

Before knowing about HDFC ERGO in detail and its features, we should know something about HDFC ERGO, HDFC ERGO is one of the top 5 companies in India and its ICR is 62% Incurred Claim Ratio shows that the company has Out of the premium collected, the policyholder was paid by claim. For a good company, the ratio should be between 50% to 90%. This ratio is published by IRDA which is the insurance-related body of India. If you look at the number of policies in this, then it comes top 3 in India. HDFC ERGO has a network of more than 10000 cashless hospitals. In this article, we will review HDFC Ergo Health Insurance which is available in 3 variants Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Sum Insured

Sum Insured means the maximum amount you can claim is available in Silver from 3-5 lakh, Gold 7.5-15 lakh and Platinum 20-75 lakh Plans you can choose from these three policy families Available in the plan, you can also add a spouse or child, your premium depends on how many family members you have added and what is the health condition of all, as well as the age of the elder members of the family.

Admitted to Hospital

Whenever you are hospitalized for more than 24 hours, all your medical expenses will be covered. This includes ICU charges, Room Rent, Consultation Fees, Operation Theater Charges, Medicine costs, etc.

Pre-Hospitalization Cost

Whenever you are sick and admitted to the hospital, the company will reimburse you all the medical expenses for the preceding 60 days i.e. whatever your medicine cost, consultation fees, diagnostic charges etc.

Hospitalization Cost – Post-hospitalization expenses are covered up to 180 days in HDFC Ergo Health Insurance.

Extended Cumulative Bonus

If you have not made any claim in your entire year, then when you renew next year, then the Sum Insured will automatically increase. Insured can increase from 5% to 50% but whenever you make a claim, it will decrease from the rate at which it was increased but it will not be less than the Basic Sum Assured. For example, let us assume that you have taken a policy of 5 lakhs and did not make any claim throughout the year, then next year you will renew, your Sum Insured will increase by 5% i.e. 25 thousand rupees and it will become 5.25 lakhs.

Restore Profit

If all your Sum Insured and Bonus is exhausted due to the claim, then Sum Insured was automatically added to your policy for the next claim, but you can take its benefit only once a year in one policy. The good thing is that you can also take it for the Same Illness in HDFC Ergo Health Insurance, these features are also available in Silver, Gold and Platinum all three.

Home Health Care

In this, you can take advantage of hospitalization at home, you can also take advantage of cashless facilities, for example, if you have some diseases such as Dengue, Chemo, Pancreatitis, Respiratory Tract Infection, COPD, Fever, Hepatitis, Gastroenteritis, etc. This is the most different feature of HDFC Ergo compared to Oro.

Curative Treatment

This feature is similar to some home health care, you can take advantage of it in such a way that you have some such condition that you cannot be admitted to the hospital or there are no vacant beds in the hospital and your treatment will be done with a determined diagnosis.

Day Care

Now the next feature is Day Care, HDFC Ergo Health Insurance plans covers all the Day Care procedures here Boh features are included in which you have to be treated in the hospital for 24 hours work but it is not covered in the OPD department for example But if you want to get them treated like Cataract, Piles, Hernia, Chemotherapy, Tonsil etc. come in day care.

Organ Transplant – If you do an organ transplant, being a donor, his hospital expenses are also covered.

Alternative Treatment – Talking about alternative treatment, those covered in it like ayurveda, ayushuni, homeopathy etc. are covered in it.

Ambulance Charges

If you use ambulance during emergency situation or shift from one hospital to another then you can claim ambulance charges but there is also a limit on how much you can claim like 2000 thousand to 15000 Up to a thousand but it also depends on how much your Sum Insured is.

Mental Health Care

Mental health care is the most distinctive feature of HDFC Ergo, during the term of the policy, if you have any mental illness and you have to be hospitalized, then it will also be paid by the company.

Maternity Cover

This is an optional option that includes Delivery Charges and Newborn Baby Treatment Charges. You can take a plan according to your budget, but the baby treatment and delivery charges are only up to a limit amount and the sum insured will be separate.

My Health Active App – You can take a discount at the time of premium, if you exercise daily, all this is tracked by the app as well as if you have some pre-existing diseases and keep doing your checkup, then you can also get renewable time discount.

Exclusions and Waiting Period

Whenever you take a policy, you will not get any claim except accident and for any pre-existing diseases, the waiting period is 4 years and for some limited diseases it is up to 2 years but there are options in HDFC Ergo If you take this of the waiting period modification plan, then you can reduce your waiting period.

OPD treatment is not covered in HDFC Ergo Health Insurance outpatient dental treatment is not covered Diseases caused by alcohol, drugs etc are not covered in it as well as sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS etc are not covered in it.

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