What is Car Insurance and How to Insure the Car?

car insurance

You take special care that no damage is caused to your gleaming car or the hard-earned car! But there are very few people who are interested to know about the utility of Car Insurance ie Car Insurance and the facilities available from it.

But if you have a car and are planning to buy a car in the future! So it becomes very important for you to know about car insurance and all the facilities you get from car insurance! That’s why in this article we will try to give you complete detailed information related to Car Insurance! ,

Car insurance proves to be very beneficial when the vehicle is damaged in an accident or you get injured, then it helps to compensate for the loss caused to you and your car, so let’s get the information about car insurance. Let’s start the article.

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Car Insurance

Car insurance is that insurance cover! Which helps you to compensate for the damage caused to your car in case of car theft, accident or other types of accidental incidents.

That’s why it becomes mandatory for anyone who owns a car to get car insurance in India! Car insurance is also called motor insurance.

If there is any damage to your car in case of car theft, accident or flood storm etc., then this motor insurance covers the damage caused to you and your car.

Note– If the car and the driver are damaged in an accident but they do not have any type of car insurance coverage at the accident site! In this situation, the person will have to pay for the entire loss caused to his car himself.

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And the insurance company will not be able to help you! And in this situation, legal action can also be taken against you, so it is necessary in all the states of India to always keep the insurance documents with you while driving the car.

So friends, after understanding this, what is car insurance? Car insurance is the solution to many car-related problems! If you haven’t got it done till now, now we will know what are the benefits of taking it!

Is it necessary?

Yes, the great advantage of having car insurance is that it is essential! Under the Motor Vehicle Act 988, if a person drives a motor vehicle on the road, then it is necessary to have insurance for that motor vehicle. Therefore, if you do not get your car insured, then you can also be fined heavily if caught.

Benefits of Car Insurance

third party protection

In a road accident, if your vehicle collides with another person or causes any other damage, then the insurance company also bears the expenses.

car damage compensation

If the car is stolen, it suddenly catches fire! Even in the event of natural calamities like earthquakes, floods and storms, if there is any damage to your car, then the car insurance company takes responsibility for it and the claim is given to the owner of the vehicle.

In case of the death of the driver or injury to the body of the owner of the car in a car accident, a car insurance claim is also available in this situation. In such a situation where the driver gets permanent disability and death, then the insurance provides financial assistance.

In this way, car insurance becomes necessary in the future not only for the car but also for the safety of your family.

Because coverage up to ₹ 200000 can be obtained for the damage caused to the driver while traveling by car.

But friends, after understanding the benefits of car insurance, it is also important for us to know that.

What is Not Available in Car Insurance?

Well, car insurance has many benefits for you and your car! But if the following situations arise, then you will not get the benefit of car insurance.

  • If you drive another person’s car, then you will not get any benefit from your car insurance in the accident caused by that car.
  • When someone drives your car without insurance.
  • If there is any damage to the car or to you in case of drunken driving or consumption of drugs, then also you do not get any benefit of car insurance.
  • If the driver driving the car does not have a valid license authority.
  • Damage caused by mechanical or electrical defects in the car.

Some items are present in the car that should not be present inside the car. Even if they are present in your vehicle, you may face problems in getting car insurance.

Friends, you have to take care of these few things to take advantage of car insurance.

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How to take Car Insurance Claim?

In case of an accident, if you want to take a car insurance claim, then you have two ways, either you can get the claim online! Today there are many such insurance policies from where you can buy an insurance policy for your car online! Also, you can get the claim online. Apart from this, you can get your car repaired for free through the facility of a cashless garage of the car insurance company.

Even if your car is outside the company’s garage network, you can claim compensation from the company, which the company will fully assist you.

How Many Types of Car Insurance are There?

Types of car insurance In India, mainly you get to see two types of car insurance.

Third-Party Insurance

This can be called compulsory insurance! Which is necessary for all vehicle owners to get done! Third-party insurance is a must if you own a car! Through this insurance, if your car causes any injury to the person’s vehicle or his body at the accident site, then this insurance covers the compensation for the loss of that third party.

Friends, talk about the premium of this insurance, it is very less, because in this you do not get any coverage in case of limited facilities ie accident, theft and other types of damage.

Also, this insurance works only and only to compensate for the damage caused to another person or his car! There is no gain in the loss done to you.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Friends, this is optional insurance! That is, taking or not taking insurance depends on the will of the car owner because its premium is high. And it provides security coverage to the car and the owner of the car in the accidents caused by the car accident.

If you have taken Comprehensive Car Insurance, then along with the loss of road accident, car theft or car fire, it also compensates for personal loss.

But talk about its premium, although if you get this insurance done compared to third-party insurance, then the premium will be slightly higher, there are a lot of facilities in it. It has the facility of a cashless garage network so that you can get the car repair done for free.

Apart from this, this insurance is helpful in compensating you and the third party if there is no harm to anyone in a road accident! Along with this, it also covers the loss of work due to natural calamity.

In this way, out of these two plans, however, you will have to spend a little more money on the Comprehensive Car Insurance plan! But here this insurance plan provides protection not only for the car but also for you.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Car Insurance

Do not forget to compare car insurance companies before you buy a car insurance policy! And make sure that how much coverage is available in this insurance policy, and how much premium you have to pay for the policy! Buying car insurance can prove beneficial for you only after making this comparison.

Apart from this, it is also very important to see the network of garages of that company because it helps you to get Cashless Claim.

So, this is how we end today’s article here, hopefully in today’s article what is Car Insurance? And you must have got much useful information related to car insurance! Apart from this, if you have any questions related to car insurance, you can ask them in the comment box, as well as if you find the information useful, then share it on social media! And inform others about car insurance as well.

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